How to Make Hanging Paper Fan Medallions || KIN DIY

How to Make Hanging Paper Fan Medallions || KIN DIY

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DocTruyenDemKhuya says:

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adri mor says:

I did mine with 4

FunnyLittleRedHead says:

looks like construction paper.

charmaine roundtree says:

Need some help! What type of paper used.?

charmaine roundtree says:

Need do

charmaine roundtree says:

What type of paper would I use?

Cheryl Hock says:

Nicely done. Very cute. Looks pretty easy too:)

Riaz Samo says:


Nadia Syamira says:

i did it before watching the video for my class projects… might i suggest cut the edges into a semi circle.. the it will be more flower like.. i used 4 different colour papers for a single flower..

NeslihanNiks says:

Perfect for spring/summer

hellsbelles78 says:

planning my daughter’s graduation…these will be perfect! thank you :)

hairtimesbeauty998 says:

Hi, ive seen theses hooks before but how do you put them on, and how much could they price

alkatr mm says:

ابداآآآآع ماشاء الله..،

Sabasavta2012 says:

I love it!

bebkohjc says:

Wow so nice

gma904 says:

I love how the song changes as she opens up the fan to show the finished product. It feels like someone just found their long lost love after a long journey.

milkywayxx1 says:

Love this! Can tape secure it enough for a day?

boo ramirez says:


boo ramirez says:


boo ramirez says:

Good Idea Im Going To Have  A Neon Party ill Yous That!

John316Christ says:

Good idea.

Ashwini Shueb says:

What kind of paper was used. The colors were beautiful and I tried using both card stock and construction paper. does not come out so good, as in so sleak…

Lesley Banh says:

you did a very good job and its very pretty thanks

Afnan Namankani says:

i love it ,thank you ^-^

GlitterFreak94 says:

Ahh.. This video makes me über happy. Thanks!

smvideos980 says:

DIY Fall Wreath, please? :)

LightPureLove says:

What color of nail polish is that?

itsTanyasChannel says:

Thank you!

charyd76 says:

Cute vids! Do you think I could do this with tissue paper cut down to size?

humhum801 says:

wonderful idea thanks

SportyChlckl says:

song name? :)

suzisunflower says:

You guys just gave the best idea for baby shower decorating! :)

Kin Community says:

nuROMANTICS, We used 3M Command Mini Hooks available at most hardware and craft supply stores. They are small, removable plastic hooks that will not damage or mark your ceiling.

MyHumanLife2011 says:

thanks super easy :)

Chrissy Yi says:

What do you hang it from?

mazas024 says:

I love it. I’m going to make this with the little kids from my church for them to hang on in their rooms! 😀 DIY letter crayon monogram please!

oanaroxana06 says:

I love it!

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